Company Profile

Keram Umweltenergie GmbH located in Jena, Germany. A well known company with its business mainly engaged in heating, cooling and sustainable energy developments. In last 20 years, it has accumulated plenty of manufacturing and installation experiences in geothermal and air sourced heat pumps. In 2009, Keram moved its factory to China.                 


  1. 1.Keram was established in 1992, with its previous company called Haustechnik und Anlagenbau GmbH.  Its main business is manufacturing windows and installation of heating equipments.
  2. 2.In 1995, Haustechnik und Anlagenbau GmbH was split into two more professional companies. One is only producing windows, the other became the professional installation company of heating  and sanitary equipments.



  1. 3.In 2000, the installation company turned to renewable energy market, it started to develop and manufacture the geothermal and air source heat pump. Keram has become a official trademark used on its products.
  2. 4.After 2000, Keram heat pumps got more and more market shares with its development of technology and manufacturing.
  3. 5.In March of 2009, Keram moves its manufacturing base to China in order to win a more competitive position in the market and leave its product development, sales and service team in Germany. It means Keram will keep its high level of R&D of Germany.
  4. 6.In 2010, Keram moves its quality control team to China, to keep the product made in China the same quality level as in Germany
  5. 7.In 2103, Keram starts its market in China



                                       Factory in Jena, Germany                                                                                Factory in Nanjing, China    



                      New Model in Development By Our Engineers                                                     product assembly line



KERAM GERMANY, Am Lindenberg 3 07616 Taupadel Germany