Keram Culture

Keram emphasized in construction of its own culture, and makes it deeply rooted in our management, manufacturing, sales, service and or the other business activities.  The core of Keram culture is to make everyone understand quality is first element in our company.  Keram¡¯s aim is to product the best quality product for the world.  



High technology is always the first factor we are chasing after. We are devoting to apply the most updated technology in products innovations.



Protection of our living environment is the mission of whole human beings. What we are doing is to find the most effective climate solutions for our customers and contributes to our environment by using renewable and climate friendly energy.



We strive for perfection, do as much as we can for our customer.



We devote to designing and manufacturing the high quality products which are affordable by everyone.



Everyone in Keram is responsible for quality. It is not just a concept, it has to be in everyone¡¯s mind, in every process of designing and manufacturing, quality is the soul of Keram.



We chase for high efficiency, simplify the complication of our management. Quick action to the markets.



As we know, we live on our customer¡¯s demand. Service is one of the important part of Keram¡¯s culture, good service is a good care to our customers, on the contrary, customers will support us to grow.

KERAM GERMANY, Am Lindenberg 3 07616 Taupadel Germany